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What is SEO?

pozycjonowanie stron internetowych

You probably know that it is a gaining position on Google. Yes, it’s true that it’s the end result of positioning a website. This means that your website after some time, depending on the strength of competition in the industry, should be on the top of the search engine. So, in the first place. Why is that? Because the site of the first places in Google collects about 40% of the traffic from the traffic on a given keyword, it means the most. The remaining part is shared on other items and sponsored links in front of the relevant results.

To understand Google

To effectively carry out the positioning in Google you should understand the mission of that company. Google aims to deliver high value and quality content for users who are looking for this content. Every day Google is getting better at his job. More and better able to be removed from the search results page of little value, and spam. At the beginning of the search engines so it was very easy to position the service (methods which do not comply with the guidelines of Google) to place your site in the first place.
Today, it is very difficult with each passing day it becomes more and more difficult, and websites have historically been positioned by methods which do not comply with the guidelines of Google, today is banished and thrown out of the Google index. This means that using this search engine they will not be found by users. That is why it is so important to position your website in accordance with the guidelines. That’s what today is still possible tomorrow it may be a source of trouble.

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